Suggestions for scheduling your preventative maintenance

Posted By on Jan 10, 2014 |

Maintenance for asphalt pavements varies depending upon the property owner/managers budgets and preferences. However, a typical schedule for asphalt pavement maintenance for the Denver area should include the following:

Annual preventative maintenance: visual pavement evaluations should be performed each spring or fall, Documenting the progress of distress to provide information on effective times to apply preventative maintenance treatments, cleaning and sealing cracks.

Three-to-five year preventative maintenance: Budgeting for a preventative treatment at approximate intervals of three to five years to reduce oxidative embrittlement problems.

Five to 10 year corrective maintenance: Corrective maintenance may be necessary, as dictated by the pavement condition, to correct rutting, cracking and structurally failed areas, Corrective maintenance may include full depth patching, milling and overlays, In order for an asphalt pavement to provide a 20 year service life, at least one major corrective overlay can be expected.

If implemented correctly, a preventative maintenance schedule should extend the life of asphalt pavements, improve its overall serviceability and reduce general maintenance costs. If maintenance isn’t provided, asphalt pavements can be expected to deteriorate prematurely..