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Asphalt Removal & Replacement

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Why you may need asphalt removal and replacement.

When the cracks, potholes, and damage to your parking lot become too much to simply repair, it needs to be properly removed and then efficiently replaced.

Eventually, your parking lot might need to be removed in order for new asphalt to be applied. This will provide you with a brand-new surface that looks great and is ready for anything.


Drainage is improved
No more puddling or pooling which degrades asphalt.

Foundation is strengthened
All subgrade issues can be repaired prior to new pavement.

Safety is enhanced
No more tripping hazards.

Seamless integration can be achieved
Saw-cut edges blend with any asphalt not being replaced.

The thickness of your new parking lot can be customized, depending on the amount of traffic your parking lot receives. New pavement also improves car and truck traction, and it costs less than other surfaces while also offering more maintenance options to keep your replaced asphalt looking good, longer.