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Asphalt Overlay

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How an asphalt overlay is performed.

An overlay adds new life to older asphalt, repairing flaws in the existing surface and adding a new layer of pavement to the top – giving it a brand-new appearance at a much less cost that replacement paving.

In order to create a strong, lasting asphalt overlay, Brown Brothers begins by repairing any issues with the existing surface and its integration with concrete and other structures, and removing (cleaning away) any loose materials. Repair services can include saw cutting, milling and wedging, skin patching, and trench repair. 

Saw Cutting: Overlay begins by outlining and then cutting around the distressed area.

Milling and Wedging: If your parking lot has developed an uneven surfaces near gutters, sidewalks, or other structures, we work to improve the integration between your asphalt and concrete.

Skin Patching: For asphalt, slurry seal or micro-surfaced parking lots, we can place new asphalt material directly over an affected area. It’s a short term fix that can help low depression areas, areas showing signs of deterioration, and more.

Trench Repair: If you have below-pavement utility lines that need to be repaired, we can create and then repair the trench.

All of this prepares your parking lot for the application of a new layer of asphalt which is compacted and smoothed. For parking lots requiring finishing services, Brown Brothers can then re-do striping or other required markings.