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Asphalt Overlay in Colorado

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Asphalt overlay by Brown Brothers.

When pavement deteriorates, you start to worry that you’ll require a new parking lot. Not necessarily. Sometimes a pavement overlay will do the trick.
Asphalt Overlay | Pavement Overlay | Parking Lot Resurfacing in Colorado

An overlay provides an additional layer of asphalt over existing pavement where the existing foundation is in good condition. Brown Brothers will assess your current parking lot for cracking, crumbling or sunken areas. If areas of the pavement are too deteriorated to accept an overlay successfully, we will let you know and add a repair to the project scope to ensure a solid foundation for the new asphalt overlay.

When we do provide an overlay, we make sure it includes saw cut butt joints so that it flows seamlessly with existing asphalt. It’s our intention to make your “old” asphalt look as “new” as possible.