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Speed Bumps, Signs, & Sweeping

Parking Lot Finishing Services

Why you need speed bumps, signs and sweeping.

The finishing touch. That’s what speed bumps, signs and even just a good sweeping-up can provide to your newly created, repaved, or repaired parking lot.

In order for a parking lot to function the way it’s supposed to, Brown Brothers provides an array of finishes that also serve to make your project look as professional as it can be.

Whether you need utility adjustments for existing markers (like manholes or water valves), want to properly designate a fire hydrant, or add any other kind of signage we’re here to make your pavement stand out in a crowd.

We don’t do reflectors because, in Colorado, they don’t last long due to snow removal equipment (like plows). We do help by providing bollards, or small posts, that are easier for plows to see, and still provide the designations needed.