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Asphalt Skin Patching in Colorado

Asphalt Repair Services

What is asphalt skin patching?

Pavement deteriorates. It happens because it’s outside all day, under all types of weather and temperatures. In Colorado, Brown Brothers handles all types of asphalt patching.
Asphalt Patch Repair | Asphalt Skin Patching in Colorado

Asphalt patch repair helps prevent the deterioration of your pavement. It’s that simple. If you can prevent deterioration due to cracks and potholes, you may also be able to avoid huge parking lot repair expenses.

Patching ranges from temporary (throw-and-roll) to semi-permanent, which is a longer lasting solution. Brown Brothers also offers spray injection and full-depth patching.

  • Temporary patching uses liquid asphalt to fill a hole. This is used for emergency patching.
  • Semi-permanent patching requires surface preparation.
  • Spray injection patching is done with high-pressure.
  • Full-depth patching involves excavation and replacement.