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Infrared Asphalt Repair in Colorado

Asphalt Repair Services

Why choose infrared asphalt repair?

If you have potholes and rough surfaces in and on your parking lot, the heat of infrared asphalt repair might be something to consider. And the best news? Unlike other asphalt services, infrared is available even during the cold Colorado months.

Infrared is a form of light that can’t be seen but can be felt because it’s hot. It’s used as a viable option to repair a number of different pavement issues, and it does it seamlessly, without burning the existing surface. It’s faster and cheaper than other types of repair, too, so it works well with property management budgets.

So what are the benefits versus conventional asphalt repair methods?

Infrared patching is less disruptive to traffic because patches can be driven on almost immediately.

Less Material
It uses less new raw materials by recycling existing materials.

Because a stronger bond is created between the patched area and existing pavement, there's less risk of water intrusion from failed seams.

Less Expensive
Infrared asphalt repair is less expensive because it requires less labor and because recycled materials are utilized.

All-weather Solution
Infrared patches can be applied in a broad array of weather and climate conditions.

We can take the heat, and we can bring it to you.