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Asphalt Crack Repair in Colorado

Asphalt Repair Services

Why you should repair cracks in your parking lot.

Repairing your parking lot today can help delay more costly repairs later.

During the spring and summer, rains drench our area. Everything becomes green and lush. And puddles form. On your parking lot. If you have cracks, the water in those puddles seeps below and, if left un-repaired, can damage your parking lot’s foundation.

The good news is that you can prevent this minor repair problem from becoming a major one through the process of asphalt crack filling. Crack fill is a polymer-based material with high elasticity designed to expand and contract with the thermal movements of cracks.

Asphalt crack sealing offers:

  • Watertight protection prevents further deterioration of the ground beneath your pavement by blocking damaging surface moisture.
  • Hot seal application which allows for better adhesion to the sides of the crack compared to a cold seal treatment.
  • More flexibility via a material that's highly elastic, allowing the seal to expand and contract with the thermal movement of the crack.