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HOAs, Apartments & Condo Communities

Who We Serve

We’re there for where people live.

Feeling good about where you live makes you happy. It makes the members of your homeowners association or apartment residents happy, too.

At Brown Brothers, we understand that a well-maintained community creates a safe atmosphere. Part of that feeling of safety comes from parking lots, walkways, and streets that are well-maintained, properly marked, and clear of debris.

Since 1966 we’ve worked with neighborhoods and communities to provide street and parking lot repair and maintenance. We’ll help your HOA or community association create a comprehensive Pavement Maintenance Plan to address any emergent asphalt or concrete repair issues and forecast preventive maintenance activities and capital budget requirements for the next five to ten years. Our pavement maintenance experts are also available to attend meetings to listen and discuss issues.

We work with:

  • Homeowner associations (HOAs)
  • Apartments / Condominiums / Multi-housing
  • Mobile home communities
  • Retirement communities

Is a Pavement Maintenance Plan in place for your HOA? If not, we’re ready to help you develop one. Here’s how it works:

  1. We conduct an onsite assessment and inspection of your streets, sidewalks, paths, and parking areas to define an action plan for any issues in need of immediate repair.
  2. We provide an estimate for the next one to two years of recommended asphalt and concrete maintenance.
  3. We predict your community’s preventative maintenance needs and capital investment requirements for up to ten more years.
  4. We describe in detail the recommended maintenance solutions outlined in your plan.

We’ll treat your neighborhood, and your neighbors, like our own.