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Rejoice in the safety of your parking lot.

Your parishioners come to your church or facility mostly on the weekend. Dressed in the weekend best, the last thing they want to think about is parking lot safety. But it's the first thing you should think about.

Your parking lot isn’t only used on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s used every day, for meetings, for pre-school, for gatherings. The surface should be smooth and free from anything that might cause someone to trip. Keeping up with maintenance as well as making sure all appropriate markings are visible and strong just makes sense.

When it comes to keeping your parking lot well-maintained and your asphalt or concrete surfaces in tiptop condition, you need a plan that addresses repair issues and outlines a preventative plan for the next five to 10 years.

By working with Brown Brothers to create a pavement maintenance plan that we can follow closely, you can extend the life of your surface.

Here's how it works:

  • Brown Brothers comes to your parking lot to conduct an inspection
  • We develop a plan
  • We present your preventative needs and how much it will cost
  • We get started

Keeping you and your parishioners safe is always a priority for the Brown Brothers team. It just makes sense.