Got Ice? Get De-Icing from Brown Brothers.

There are four types of snow crystals: snowflakes which are single ice crystals; hoarfrost which are interlocking ice crystals; graupel which are rounded flakes that turn into small ice crystal pellets; and polycrystals which are flakes composed of many individual ice crystals. The key word in all those definitions is “ice.” It’s slippery and it’s hazardous. When ice forms in parking lots and roads, surfaces become slick and unmanageable. When ice forms on walkways, sidewalks, and outdoor steps, surfaces become dangerous.

Call Brown Brothers, Denver’s #1 de-icing and snow removal company, to dissolve and de-ice using high-grade sand to improve traction. Sand can be used effectively at any temperature, and it takes the slippery out of the ice.

We also are authorized users of Ice Slicer. This eco-friendly way to melt ice uses no dyes or coloring agents, is safer for vegetation, and is less corrosive on all surfaces.

De-icing includes ice melt, chemical pellets that help melt snow and ice fast, and rock salt. Both are less expensive, and highly effective.

Brown Brothers has seven trucks dedicated to de-icing your commercial areas. We also have 12 tailgate-mount units, and an AMC 6500 with a 12-foot plow and sanding/de-icing unit.

Brown Brothers offers seasonal contracts and full-service contracts (including pre-treatment). Whether it’s ice slicer, ice melt, sanding, or salting, our de-icing services keep your sidewalks, walkways, entryways, and dock areas hazard-free.

If you’re in the Denver metro area or the surrounding suburbs or exurbs, contact us today.

Brown Brothers doesn’t provide roof snow removal services, nor services to individual homeowners.