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Brown Brothers Asphalt & Concrete has specialized in the design and installation of brick pavers and concrete pavers in Denver, Colorado and the Front Range since 1996. We are experts in the design, construction, repair, removal and replacement of streets, sidewalks, plazas, parks, driveways, pool decks, patios, and other surfaces paved with concrete or brick.

We are proud of the reputation of honesty and integrity upon which we were founded. We want to make your paving project hassle-free, while exceeding your expectations. Our dependability is something in which you can have confidence.

At Brown Brothers Asphalt and Concrete, we not only provide the best quality work, but we pride ourselves in providing a stress-free experience for commercial property managers, facility managers, and community association managers. We possess the knowledge and experience to fulfill the needs of your brick paving or concrete paving project.

Transform your commercial driveway, pool deck, and other outdoor surfaces. Permeable pavers add just as much functionality as they do style. They can eliminate drainage problems and often eliminate the need for costly detention ponds. Permeable interlocking concrete pavement (PICP) is also safer because it eliminates the sheet ice associated with traditional paved surfaces. Design professionals are turning to (PICP) because they offer environmentally sustainable solutions that meet low impact development goals.

Driveway paving using brick pavers
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Concrete pavers are compacted into coarse bedding sand, and the joints filled with sand and compacted again to interlock. The paving units and bedding sand are placed over an unbound or bound, compacted aggregate base. ICP can be designed to receive heavy traffic from major urban thoroughfares. Designers should follow the American Society of Civil Engineers national standard on ICP structural design.


Intended for stormwater runoff reduction, solid concrete pavers are placed over a bedding course of highly permeable open-aggregate aggregate. The joints are filled with open-graded aggregate making the surface 100% permeable. The pavers and bedding layer are placed over an open-graded base and subbase which create a reservoir for stormwater storage and infiltration. PICP’s ability to reduce or eliminate stormwater runoff, even in intense rain events, also reduces pollution. PICP is intended for parking lots and low volume streets.

Design professionals choose concrete pavers for:

  • Rapid construction using mechanical installation equipment
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Fast surface reinstatement after underground utility repairs
  • Traffic calming and increased safety
  • Upscale visual appeal
  • Runoff and pollutant reduction with PICP

ICPI’s technical and educational resources provide design professionals with the latest design insights and technical developments on interlocking concrete pavement and permeable interlocking concrete pavement.

Permeable Paver System Diagram
Permeable Paver System


  • Superior physical properties of pavers provide longer pavement life, reduced maintenance costs and extend the replacement cycle while conserving the use of raw materials.
  • Concrete pavers improve the quality of life for an environment and its users.
  • Concrete pavers provide sustainable ecological solutions proven to last.
  • PICP eliminates stormwater runoff and conserves land, while serving as a durable wearing course.
  • ICP and PICP are LEED and LID friendly. Both may use local materials, labor and recycled content that reduce energy requirements and carbon footprint.
  • ICPs and PICPs provide a low maintenance solution. If you are looking for a system that will lower maintenance requirements and use less energy over its life, ICPs and PICPs are the answer.
  • PICPs provide a method to effectively store and treat stormwater runoff. The structure of a permeable pavement system provides a base and subbase to store runoff. They effectively trap suspended solids, process nutrients and oils and can immobilize heavy metals.
  • Elimination of surface failure issues. Concrete pavers are factory made thereby eliminating raveling that can occur on site-formed pavements.

Patio paved with concrete pavers
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Concrete brick pavers are a popular option because of their diverse range of rich color combinations, and the ability to create a more accurate color match with existing outdoor features such as fireplaces, fire pits, outdoor barbecues and outdoor kitchens.

Brick paving also provide a wide variety of surface finishes, from smooth finishes, beveled finishes, to rougher textured finishes. There is also a unique selection of paver shapes and laying patterns that can benefit the architectural style of your outdoor hardscapes.

Brown Brothers Asphalt and Concrete has been in the brick paver business since 1996. We have ICPI certified installers as well as PICP certified staff. You can trust Brown Brothers will do the job with style and perfection.

For commercial surfaces in Denver, pavers may be the optimal solution. Contact Brown Brothers Asphalt & Concrete to request a free estimate.