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The story of your parking lot is being written every day.

Think of your parking lot as a novel. Or if you prefer, an epic screenplay. The basic plot has been laid out, you know who the main characters are; you’ve met the hero and he or she is you. The antagonist or villain in your story is a gang that consists of the weather, constant traffic, and time. You can explore various plot twists and devices on your way to a happy ending by putting your trusty sidekick, Brown Brothers, in charge of your parking lot maintenance.

Here’s how it works:

Opening chapter: The sweep.

Keeping your parking lot clean of debris, including rocks, leaves, and dirt keeps it looking nice and being safe for both cars and pedestrians. It also helps extend the life of your parking lot. Dirt and debris can lead to standing water on the surface of your asphalt which causes the surface to break down over time, resulting in cracks that allow water into the subgrade. This is the first chapter in your pavement maintenance story as Brown Brothers sweeps away the debris has sullied your parking lot.

Chapter two: A new plot point revealed.

Knowing your parking lot’s surface will make it easier to see potential problems before they become major problems. Cracks, alligatoring, and potholes are all threats to your surface’s long, full life, and finding them when they first appear is the best way to minimize repair costs. Walk and inspect your parking lot regularly.

Chapter three: A hazard appears.

A backed-up drain can hide possible hazards, like upheavals that lead to tripping, and standing water will wear down your parking lot’s seal. Keeping your drains clear keeps water draining properly which keeps it from leaking into the subgrade where it can cause larger cracks and potholes. Add in more weather and fluids from vehicles, and the drama builds…

Chapter four: The new villain attacks and is repaired.

Your beautiful parking lot exists as a place for cars and trucks to park. Hence the word “parking.” At some point, one of those vehicles is bound to leak. Oil and vehicle fluids breaks down the integrity of the asphalt and weaken your surface. Brown Brothers can monitor your parking lot surface to keep this villain at bay. After we do any asphalt repair, and before we reseal, a special substance is applied to the spots to treat them, allowing the seal to adhere properly.

Chapter five: A crack forms just begging to be sealed.

And then that crack starts to grow, not just getting deeper, longer, and wider, but also literally growing - as in weeds. Kill the weeds and then let Brown Brothers seal the cracks.

Chapter six: Sealed with a …

You’ve addressed your parking lot villains with a good maintenance plan and emerged the hero you always dreamed you’d be. The only thing that’s left is for the hero to get the girl or the guy, and seal it with a … proper sealcoat. Sealcoating fills surface voids, helps waterproof, and restore the rich black finish of the asphalt. If you have concrete, we also use a form of microsurfacing, with a miracote overlay, to keep your surface in top condition.

Chapter seven: The wrap up.

Tires cause wear and tear on your parking lot, especially when they’re making the same turns every day, and cars are parking in the same place. Eventually you’re going to need new striping, new markings, and more.

The big finale.

Brown Brothers Asphalt and Concrete is the expert in asphalt and concrete maintenance, repair, and more. For help in writing the story of your parking lot’s life, contact us.


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