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RV Vault chooses Brown Brothers for concrete construction.

When RV Vault Outdoor Storage Solutions decided they were going to open a new RV/travel trailer/boat parking facility, they knew they needed experts to handle the construction of the garage. They found those experts at Brown Brothers.

The new facility, a fully-enclosed garage as well as a canopy-covered parking lot, opened in October 2017 and spans a total of 227,000 square feet. Brown Brothers provided three crews of 8 men each who worked daily to complete the project. The city of Parker, Colorado also required Brown Brothers to do a “bottom lift” as the structure went up so that access roads were enabled (as per the city’s fire codes).

Due to the hot weather conditions when the concrete was poured, Brown Brothers also employed Curelap-Poly coated burlap blankets to help the concrete to cure properly. The result? The foundation of a beautiful new facility, done to Brown Brothers standards. Trusted. Reliable. Qualified. It’s the reason we’re #1 when it comes to concrete and asphalt in Colorado.

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