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Parking lot maintenance: How to know what to do and when to do it.

As you gaze out upon the vast vista that is your parking lot, you feel proud. Or at least you used to. Once upon a time, your parking lot was the envy of, well, other parking lots, and certainly other property managers. It was smooth, free from cracks and alligatoring; potholes didn’t dare show themselves. Not on YOUR parking lot. But somewhere along the way, age started to set in. Weather happened...Winter freezes and blizzards, spring thaws and rain, the intense sunshine and heat of summer, and crisp fall temperatures with more precipitation. A parking lot can only take so much, especially since it’s exposed to the elements 24/7/365.

When you start to notice problems with the asphalt and concrete surfaces in your parking lot, you need assistance. You need Brown Brothers Asphalt and Concrete, the experts in all things parking lot.

Depending on the age and general condition of your lot, Brown Brothers will devise a repair plan to address any immediate issues. We’ll then create a go-forward plan – a pavement maintenance plan – that can see into the future and give you milestones for maintaining what you have so that you can stave off a complete re-do for as long as possible.

Some things to know:

Asphalt can give you about 15-20 years of surface life, minimizing tread marks and oil leaks, and making striping and traffic flow easy. Add a little crack sealing and timely preventative maintenance like sealcoating, and we might be able to add another 10-15 years.

Concrete provides about 20-25 years of surface life with minimal maintenance, and improved technologies for overlays can extend the lifespan even longer.

Brown Brothers offers a comprehensive suite of asphalt repair solutions, including infrared asphalt patching, which enables us to repair your parking lot in weather conditions where others cannot.

For concrete repair, we have the technology – including Piering, Underpinning, Foundation Stabilization, and Foundation Lifting – to level your concrete rather than tearing it out and replacing it.

  • Brown Brothers pre-plans and executes strategies that operate with minimal inconvenience to any businesses or residents.
  • We’re always aware that we’re working where your clients and residents are.
  • We pride ourselves on never being too big to do small projects.
  • We strictly enforce safety standards.

For parking lot maintenance and repair, there’s only one question to ask: Who you gonna call?

Answer: Brown Brothers. Let us help you craft the perfect parking lot maintenance plan. Contact us today.


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