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It’s winter. Time to schedule your spring parking lot maintenance.

When the weather is cold and days are dreary, thoughts can naturally turn to spring, that glorious time when the world becomes new again. You know what else becomes new? Your parking lot maintenance.

Parking lot maintenance has a season and it runs from roughly April to November for one simple reason: the weather is more cooperative. The days are warmer, and there’s no more snow. Using the cold winter months to schedule your spring maintenance is key to getting on a company’s calendar. Why?

  • There are only so many weekends in the season. Most companies prefer to have parking lot maintenance done when traffic is down.
  • Carryover. Projects that couldn’t be completed the previous year because of weather still need to be completed.
  • Decision-makers. Board members, owners, directors, and more are often involved in deciding about parking lot maintenance, and that can take time.

At Brown Brothers, we take our parking lot maintenance scheduling seriously. And we encourage you to start your planning process now during winter months so that we can take care of your parking lot cracks, lifts, potholes, and more in a timely manner. It’s as easy as picking up the phone or sending us an email.

Let’s get you on the schedule so that once spring has sprung, your parking lot maintenance can be done quickly and efficiently, giving it a whole new lease on life. After all, ‘tis the season.

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